Where do you Ship/Deliver to?


UK FROM 1.99 to 2.50 GBP (2-5 days) * Varies by Weight  

Europe 4.99 GBP (5-7 days) * Varies by Weight  

World From 4.99 GBP (Up to 10 days) * Varies by Weight  

*We aim to deliver within the days stated but note this might vary depending on customs & despatch. 

Where are the Women Sizes?

Note that our garments are Unisex and are slightly fitted.

What are the sizes?

We only do Small, Medium, Large & XL at the moment and they are measured as follows:

Small (34"-36")

Medium (38"-40")                          

Large (42"-44")                                        

Extra Large (44"- 46")

Note: Some products Maybe Individually Sized and Labelled.

Ethical ? What are the production techniques ? Charity ?

We are based in London, UK and all of our T-Shirts are produced and printed here in the UK by ourselves after sourcing individual parts from all over. Everything is done by humans instead of robots :D

We don't stand by the belief that we should not buy from third world countries.. it is easy for us to live in brilliant conditions and say oh no third world labour, when the truth is that it is a way of living for them and factories allow them to live and earn a living to feed their families and put a roof over their heads.. we are very much in agreement with this but AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT EMPLOY CHILDREN, NOT OVERWORKED AND PAID A FAIR AMOUNT FOR THEIR WORK.

We have carefully selected our manufacturer who has acquired various certificates to satisfy us (Fair Labour Association, Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production, Confidence in Textiles.etc.), and whats more??

We then donate 10% of our total Profits to UK Based Charity Interpal (Our Donor ID: 89620) to help give back to third world communities.